• Making is a way of knowing!

    Our STEaM Lab is a place of unbounded imagination where we foster and facilitate an informal learning space for making and tinkering within our SmartLab.

    We believe deeply in studio pedagogy and the ability we all have to think with our hands, and develop personal and unique understandings of the world for ourselves.

    Our collaborative, problem-based, project-based approach in the lab incorporates educational theories of constructivism, brain-based learning and multiple intelligences.

    Our curriculum is designed to engage, motivate and empower learners to build 21st century skills and prepare students to compete in a global economy. 

    Learners explore science, the arts, math and engineering through applied technology as they build cross curricular connections to social studies, language arts and
    other academic subjects. 



    Learning objectives include developing:
    Critical thinking
    Creative thinking
    Problem solving
    Design Thinking
    Project management
    Time management

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