Collaborating is key!

  • Based on self-understanding, awareness and needs, and cognitive and affective growth, students will be able to choose a project in domains they are passionate about.

    Students will progress through the three phases of the cycle of inquiry within a Makerspace model.

    Phase 1: Units of Inquiry (Computer Graphics, Digital Communication, Robotics and Control Technology, and other new apps and technologies)

    1. Computer Graphics & Digital Communication

              Doodle 4 Google

              Google Art Project



              Photoshop Elements

              Punch Home Design Suite

              SketchUp - 3D Modeling


              CrazyTalk Animation

    1. Robotics & Control Technology with Circuitry

               Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robotics

               Snap Circuits

               MaKey MaKey


    Phase 2: Expression  (10 weeks)

    1. Units (open ended question to explore student direction and self)

              Who are you?

              What is your story?

              What is your life’s purpose?


    1.  Skills

               Produce and Publish Writing, utilizing multimedia applications

               Present Information, findings, and supporting evidence

               Develop and organize documentation of learning


    Phase 3: Oration and Exposition:  Solutionary Showcase  (10 weeks)


    Share and express process of learning highlighting the inquiry arc and the engineering design process

    Develop and showcase their learning.

    Use a variety of mediums, resources, and materials to apply their learning, through the implementation of new strategies and skills to share with others, present solutions to design challenges, and solve meaningful problems.