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Navigators 6/7/8


Changemakers and Solutionaries

Based on self-understanding, awareness and needs, and cognitive and affective growth, students will be able to choose a project in domains they are passionate about.

Students progress through the three phases of the cycle of inquiry within a Makerspace model.

Phase 1: Units of Inquiry (Alt. Energy and other topics; Technology, Social Issues)

Introduction to Alternative Energy and Other Topics

Electric Car

Fundamentals of Electricity

High-Performance Home Design

Capstone Alternative Energy Project

Solar Energy  

Solar Cars

Solar Ovens

Passive Solar Homes


Environmental Action


Trout in the classroom program

Place-Based Education:

Community Project

Establishing a food garden

Designing a rain garden (runoff) and or mindfulness space)

Recycling standard approach, composting, repurposing, issue support

Phase 2: Expression (10 weeks)

Units (open ended question to explore student direction and self)

What does sustainability mean for our future?

What could you innovate or invent to solve a problem?

What potential impact can we create for our future?


Produce and Publish Writing, utilizing multimedia applications

Present Information, findings, and supporting evidence

Develop and organize the documentation of learning

Phase 3:  Oration and Exposition- Solutionary Showcase  (10 weeks)


Share and express the process of learning, highlighting the inquiry arc and the engineering design process.

Develop and showcase their learning.