Design Trip February 2016 - New Jersey Vietnam Memorial by Christian

Posted by Rachel Van Hazinga on 4/8/2016

Here in STEaM, we have been approaching the endeavour of the DC project, this will be a cross curricular project between STEaM, Social Studies, and Language Arts. This project is meant to prepare us for the trip to Washington D.C. To start this process of the project we began by visiting New Jersey’s Vietnam Memorial to explore the thematic elements that would be necessary for the integrated project. Since the eighth graders would be making a thematic tour, knowing themes of memorial and how it was designed allowed us to have insight into the great world of designing. It is these facts that we discovered that would help us grow in our learning during the time of our major project.

All of the museum and the memorial was obviously circular, which led us to think that it was designed to express a sense of unity. Sophie Yevchak of the eighth grade described this sense of unity as, “It made me feel happy and fabulous, but also that it finally seemed like some else expressed my love for circles.” Another eighth grader, Zoe Kukowski, described navigating the circular pattern as, “Fun.” As you can tell it was an experience that all the students enjoyed, and learned greatly from and will allow them to grow in the detail of their themed tour. This made it important for all to learn from.