NYC Trip by Eleeza

Posted by Rachel Van Hazinga on 4/8/2016

When the 8th grade went to New York City we had a purpose for being there. The science part was going to the Bodies Exhibit. There we looked at real human bodies in different stages of dissection. I thought I was going to be grossed out by the exhibit but instead I was fascinated. After the Bodies Museum we walked several blocks away to the Madison Square park. There we ate our lunch. The last place we visited was the MoMath Museum. It was amazing, in the museum we were able to interact with all of the exhibits. The first thing that I tried was riding a tricycle with square wheels. The tricycles were on a platform with ridges that allowed that square wheels to circle perfectly. They also had a second floor with even more things to do. After about an hour the entire class went into a conference room where we were thought about knots. It turned a little crazy when they had us create human knots, but all was fun.