A Trip to The Hotdog Vendor by Ethan

Posted by Rachel Van Hazinga on 4/8/2016

On our trip to New York, we got to go to two museums, the Body Worlds Exhibit and the MoMath Museum.  Riding on square wheel bikes in the math museum, and walking around the streets of New York left me and Jake very hungry.  We wanted to enjoy a nice burger from Shake Shack, but the line was too long, then we thought McDonald's was a good idea but it was too far a walk away, so at the end of the day we saw a Chipotle and yet again we were not allowed to go.  But we made it to a hotdog vendor, , I got a hotdog and Gatorade, and Jake got a hotdog and Pepsi.  The hotdog was symmetrically split in half, where he would put the ketchup inside, it tasted amazing.